Window Washing
Window washing is more than a cosmetic service. Routine maintenance will prevent atmospheric stains and hard water spotting. 
A customized maintenance plan can be tailored to your home or building's requirements. Routine cleanings also save you money!
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Methods of Cleaning

There are a few different methods of cleaning depending on the application. When possible we will utilize an innovative water-fed pole system and Di Ionized water. This method of cleaning provides spot free results, yet reduced liability. We are able to clean windows that are very tall from the ground using a telescopic pole. 

When washing by hand, we use a professional detergent that contains a wax additive. This will help keep your windows clean a very long time but more importantly, it protects them from the elements and reduces the odds that they will become stained with hard water spots. If they were to become stained, an expensive restoration process would be the only remedy.
Pricing - Residential
For residential window washing, it is easy to determine pricing, but we do offer FREE estimates. Of course, we can always schedule a service and then price firmly BEFORE beginning the service to be sure there are no surprises. 

For residential window washing the fee is $13.00 per window for inside and out cleaning or $10.00 for an outside only cleaning. 

Screen washing is not included in this price. A screen will be removed, dusted with damp towels and re-installed unless otherwise noted. Screen washing carries a fee of $5.00 per screen.
Pricing - Commercial
Due to the unique floor plans, building designs and variations of window types and styles in each building, all commercial services must be estimated beforehand. We provide free, written quotes that are good for 30 days. Upon acceptance, each commercial service requires a written contract outlining job description, specifications, dates of completion, etc...

Please call us today for your free estimate. we can typically respond in less than 24 hours to any service request.
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